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fracking in nighttime

Image courtesy of the New York Times.

On Wednesday, officials in the Cuomo Administration made public their opposition to hydraulic fracturing in New York State. In an open end-of-year cabinet meeting, Acting Commissioner of Health Howard Zucker stated that he “could not support high-volume hydraulic fracturing” in New York.

In his presentation, Zucker made clear that the data on the impact of fracking is not conclusive, but still went forward with his recommendation. It is important that we continue to research and learn about the effects of fracking on the environment and how we in New York State are also trying to encourage alternative energy sources to oil (despite the Hanukkah season).


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We were pleased to join the President of the Union for Reform Judaism, Rabbi Rick Jacobs, in a statement in response to the grand jury decision in the case of the death of Eric Garner of New York, NY:

We are anguished by the circumstances surrounding the death of Eric Garner during an encounter with an NYPD officer. Mr. Garner’s death, one in an unmistakable wave of cases across the country involving the questionable use of deadly force by police, is endemic of a much broader and complex crisis of structural racial inequality in our country.While the legal process has played itself out and resulted in the grand jury’s decision not to indict the officer, the underlying issues – including police practices, racial divides within the community and economic and social inequality – must be addressed head on. Every American should have faith and trust in law enforcement and our judicial system. Sadly, today this is too often not the case. Mr. Garner’s death illustrates these concerns.

We support Attorney General Eric Holder’s federal investigation. Systemic change is needed, and state, local and municipal governments are key partners, especially working with police and community representatives, to begin the process of healing and strengthening that must be done in the wake of this decision. while our institutions need critical reform, this kind of change must also be addressed through reflection and commitment – from individuals and a diverse array of communities – to transforming what is wrong in America regarding race. The religious community can and must lead this transformation, and we are committed to playing a leadership role to move the conversation, and our country, forward.

The co-chairs of Reform Jewish Voice of New York State, Barbara Zaron and Joel Elliot, also added: “As moral advocates for social justice in New York, we know that all New Yorkers must come together to ensure equal justice not only as a value, but as a reality. We encourage members of our community to work to build relationships and advocate with us on issues of economic and racial inequality, including reform of our criminal justice system, voting rights and protection of civil rights.

May we across New York City and the nation, in our congregations, communities and homes, come together to overcome these challenges and emerge renewed in our work to achieve our highest ideals.

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It has become sort of a tradition for Black Friday to follow Thanksgiving, and for Cyber Monday to come two days later. But have you heard about Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is an international day of giving. On Tuesday, December 2, 2014, charities, families, businesses, community centers, and students around the world will come together for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give back to their communities. It is also an opportunity to support organizations that fulfill the Jewish social justice imperative of championing the poor and the needy. As Jews, we are taught of the importance of giving generously to the needy and have no regrets when doing so.

description of an unselfie
As we get closer to Giving Tuesday, share what you’re doing for this international day of giving by taking an #UNselfie on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

As you plan for your gifts on Tuesday, December 2, please keep Reform Jewish Voice of New York State in mind. Your generous gift of even $18 goes a long way to support our work pursuing social justice in the Empire State. Here are the details!

Learn more about how you can participate in Giving Tuesday.


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In its second year, the Health Insurance Marketplace is working to insure millions of Americans who otherwise would not have health care. With many of the glitches from last year’s opening taken care of, New Yorkers are taking advantage of the enrollment period (November 15, 2014 until February 15, 2015) to get signed up for Obamacare. Here is a comprehensive map of New York State, showing the number of enrollees by zipcode so far this year:

Map of health care enrollees by zip code in New York State

Click here to see the full interactive map.

This article from the New York Times, which ran before the enrollment period opened, describes a number of way different states prepared their state exchanges for November 15. As you may remember, following the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius (2012), states could opt into Medicaid expansion and choose to create their own exchanges. New York State opted into both, and New York State of Health runs the state exchange. If you’re interested in signing up for health insurance via the exchange, here are some key things to keep in mind. (more…)

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Steering Committee Group pictureEarlier this month, the Steering Committee of Reform Jewish Voice of New York State met at the Temple Israel of Northern Westchester at our yearly gathering to set the stage for an exciting year of Jewish advocacy in pursuit of social justice in the Empire State.

At the meeting, the Steering Committee welcomed four new members: Joel Magid of Westchester Reform Temple (Scarsdale), Jane Meyers of Brooklyn Heights Synagogue (Brooklyn), Marc Landis of Congregation Rodeph Sholom and Rabbi Rachel Grant Meyer also of Congregation Rodeph Sholom (New York).

We are also excited to announce that Joel Elliot of Temple B’rith Kodesh in Rochester, NY will join Barbara Zaron as a co-chair of RJV. Joel replaces Rabbi Jennifer Jaech of Temple Israel of Northern Westchester (Croton-on-Hudson, NY) after her incredible three years as co-chair. Rabbi Jaech remains on the Steering Committee, and will continue to provide critical guidance and wisdom for RJV.

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Empire State PlazaLess than one week from today is Election Day! Voters across New York State (and all the states in the Union) will have the opportunity to go to the polls and weigh in on the critical issues that matter to them. In addition to voting for our representatives in Washington, D.C. there are key elections in New York State that need your input: Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, state senate, state assembly and three ballot measures. No matter how you vote, it is important to make your voice heard.

Here are the three ballot measures that New Yorkers will consider on November 4:

  1. Creating an independent panel to redraw state legislative district lines every ten years
  2. Permitting electronic copies of bills instead of requiring paper versions for the legislature
  3. Authorizing a two billion dollar Bond Act to support technology updates in schools

Also, remember that New York State requires voters to be registered at least 25 days prior to an election—there is no same-day voter registration. (more…)

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voting booth; American flagsWith the General Election soon arriving on November 4, it is important that we learn about candidates and the issues that matter most to us to be the most informed voters we can be. As Jews and American citizens we have an obligation to participate in the elections to ensure that our country’s policies at the local, state and national levels reflect our
commitment to social justice. Every vote counts and plays a defining role in setting policy agendas. Rabbi Yitzhak taught, “A ruler is not to be appointed unless the community is first consulted” (Talmud, B’rachot 55a). These elections are a critical opportunity for our communities to be consulted.


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In response to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s executive order expanding the living wage law across the five boroughs, Reform Jewish Voice of New York State Co-Chairs Rabbi Jennifer Jaech and Barbara Zaron released the following statement:

We commend Mayor de Blasio for helping raise the living wage for many more New York City workers. Not only does the Mayor’s executive order signify an important step towards a living wage for all employees in the five boroughs, it also closes important loopholes in existing laws that had excluded some workers from wage increases.  We hope that Mayor de Blasio’s actions inspire other leaders in New York and across the country to take similar, much needed action to raise the minimum wage to a living wage. New York’s actions should also serve as an important example to members of Congress who have been unwilling to advance legislation to raise the national minimum wage.

In Deuteronomy 24:14-15, we are taught “You shall not abuse a needy and destitute laborer… but you must pay him his wages on the same day, for he is needy and urgently depends on it.” The Talmud goes even further, stating, “One who withholds an employee’s wages is as though he has deprived him of his life” (Baba Metzia 112a). These values of fair wages and economic justice are reflected in Mayor de Blasio’s executive order – ensuring that hardworking residents of New York City may provide for their needs and those of their families.Raising the minimum wage to a living wage strengthens not just the workers who depend on it, but also their families and communities.


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People's Climate March on September 21 Statue of LibertyThe Union for Reform Judaism and the Central Conference of American Rabbis have joined as partner organizations supporting the People’s Climate March in New York City on Sunday, September 21. Representing our Movement in New York State, we are hoping for a large turnout of Jewish social justice advocates to speak out on the importance of immediate action on climate change.


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On Tuesday, September 9 is Primary Day in New York State. No matter for whom you vote, it is critical to make your voice heard! Learn more about key issues in New York this election season from RJV.

The New York State Board of Elections has key information on voting and who is on the ballot on Tuesday. You can also double check the location of your poll site!

Also, remember that New York State requires voters to be registered at least 25 days prior to an election—there is no same-day voter registration. (more…)