Published on March 29, 2018, by in RJV.

As we get closer to the final budget proposal, here are the status of some of the priority issues we lobbied for during advocacy day:

  • We have heard reports that bail reform might not be in the final budget. RJV strongly supports ending the unjust money bail system, which you can learn more about here.
  • We have also heard reports that early voting might not be included in a final budget deal. RJV supports the early voting plan found in the Governor’s budget. Learn more here.
  • Lastly, we have heard reports that there might be an education tax credit proposal in the final bill. This is a tricky way to funnel public subsidies to private schools, which RJV opposes. Learn more here.

It is crucial in that in the final hours of the budget negotiations you contact your state Assemblymember and the “four men in the room” who will negotiate the final deal. Let them know you support early voting and bail reform and you oppose education tax credits.


Speaker Heastie’s office can be reached at 518-455-3791

IDC Leader Klein’s office can be reached at 518-455-3595

Majority leader Flanagan’s office can be reached at 518-455-2071

Governor Cuomo’s office can be reached at 518-474-8390


You can find your assembly member here.