equalpaydayTuesday is National Equal Pay Day–the day in 2014 when women’s salaries catch up to men’s earnings from 2013. That’s right–over fifteen months of work for one year’s pay! Women head more than 1,000,000 households in New York State, and more than 63% of working mothers are primary breadwinners or co-breadwinners.

The Women’s Equality Act (A.8070) would close loopholes in our state’s equal pay laws which allow employers to still pay women less than their male colleagues.

We need your help to send a loud, clear message: New Yorkers should not have to wait another year for stronger equal pay protection!

Your Senator will be in your home district on Equal Pay Day. Call your State Senator’s district office (connect via Senate Switchboard: 518.455.2800) and ask her or him to pass the full Women’s Equality Act, which contains measures that will strengthen equal pay laws in New York State.  Find your Senator’s direct email or phone number here.

Here’s what you can say:

“My name is [     ] and I live in [city/town].  Today is Equal Pay Day, and I’m asking you to take action to ensure that women are able to earn their fair share in New York State by passing the full Women’s Equality Act (A.8070) this year.  This legislation will also help the women of New York by preserving women’s access to reproductive health care, ensuring fair treatment at work, and helping survivors of violence.  Please take action to make the full Women’s Equality Act law now.”