Published on September 4, 2014, by in RJV.

On Tuesday, September 9 is Primary Day in New York State. No matter for whom you vote, it is critical to make your voice heard! Learn more about key issues in New York this election season from RJV.

The New York State Board of Elections has key information on voting and who is on the ballot on Tuesday. You can also double check the location of your poll site!

Also, remember that New York State requires voters to be registered at least 25 days prior to an election—there is no same-day voter registration.

Here are some key questions to keep in mind as you get ready to vote on Tuesday!

The Religious Action Center has prepared a helpful guide for congregations and clergy on the rules for religious non-profit organizations during election season. We want to ensure that everyone is well-informed on the Dos and Don’ts, so be sure to read through the guide and to contact us with any questions.

Our tradition teaches, “The heads of your tribes, your elders, and your officers” (Deuteronomy 29:9). Even though I appointed over you heads, elders, and officers, all of you are equal before Me, for the verse concludes, “All are the people of Israel” (Tanchuma Nitzavim 2).

The beauty of democracy is that each citizen has an equal voice in the election process; we are able to make decisions for the future of our country based on the principle of equality. The Tanchuma teaches that each of the children of Israel has equal worth in the eyes of God. Though some may take on leadership roles and rise in visibility, our Creator values each person’s voice. We express that voice by voting. Read more from the RAC’s 2014 Election Guide.

It is our civic duty to register promptly, educate ourselves about the critical issues and VOTE!